The source of grounding


A few weeks ago, I decided to distance myself from all social media, I buried myself within, enjoying the solitude and company of my family.

It freed up so much time for me to gain more clarity and perspective.

You see, anxiety creeps in at the most unexpected times, I put on the brave face, like everyone else, and I continued to serve my community.

But sometimes, it's all too much!

I'm like a sponge for energetic frequencies, and when I'm out of balance, it's vital that I realign.

My business was my saviour, a reminder I could still give to others and switch off my own mental madness.

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Massage therapy for self-care

Massage therapy is amazing for self-care on all levels.

1. Massage on a physical level..

Tightness, tension, trigger points, limited range of movement in the body,
Bursitis, arthritis, hip pain, knee pain, elbow, shoulder or neck pain, upper, mid and lower back pain, headaches, migraines, sinus, jaw pain, arm pain, hands, sports injuries, feet, ankle pain, shin splints.. etc.. ??

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The healing art of reiki


The healing art of Reiki..

I treated a lovely client today with a combination of Reiki and massage therapy.

Her body was in need of nurture, healing, comfort and time for her to let go...

Our physical bodies hold within them the story of our emotional worlds..

Locked in our structure and carried in the way we hold ourselves, protected by our fear to let go..

And then finally we free ourselves of the hold of our stories, to discover a new way to view the world..

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COVID 19 clinic update

Hello to all,

*****************IMPORTANT INFORMATION********************************* 

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions imposed upon essential workers. Massage therapist are only permitted to offer remedial massage treatments for the management or prevention of a disease, injury or condition, with social distancing observed to the extent.

I have allowed 30 minutes between treatments for the purpose of distancing clients in the waiting area between appointments, and this allows me ample time for cleaning between each treatment.

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Becoming a massage therapist

It all started in 1994!

As a teenager, I always enjoyed giving my mum a massage, it was our time together, time I could spend with her uninterpreted.
She would sit on the lounge room floor while watching T.V. and I would massage her achy shoulders.
She was the one who encouraged me to study massage therapy, and when I look back now, it always brings a smile to my face.

I have always been a giving person, and love to support and help others. I felt that massage therapy could be my way to express who I am and support others. So when I was 18, I embarked on my journey as a massage therapist.

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A regular massage treatment


A regular massage treatment can help to..

* Keep your body free of tight adhesions and trigger areas..

* helps to stretch out your fascia and free up range of movement..

* helps to create more blood flow into your muscles.

* helps to free up your joints, ligaments and tendons.

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The importance of connection

To me, massage brings connection with people of all different personalities, ages and nationalities.
It helps me to understand the need and importance of human touch and connection..

Maggie Nolan.

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Running my small business


With the challenges of running a small business comes the rewards of fulfilling on a dream..

So, when you shop with small business, you are not only supporting a dream, you are supporting Innovation, opportunity, families, the economy and giving back..

For myself, running my small business and being a mum of three has been challenging for me over the years..

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Fisiocrem, a product I use in my clinic

fisiocrem is a topical pain relief cream for the temporary relief of muscular aches and pains. Based on evidence of traditional use of plant-based active ingredients of Arnica, Hypericum and Calendula that have been used for many years in traditional folklore and healing.

Arnica is probably one of the best-known herbs worldwide for its use in natural medicine.

Hypericum perforatum Commonly known as “St John’s Wort”, the oily extracts are bright red in colour from the active components, hypericin and hyperforin.

Calendula traditionally used to treat minor inflammation of the skin and minor wounds.

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how does rock tape work

How Does RockTape Work?

When applied correctly, RockTape’s unique elasticity causes the skin to form convolutions and wrinkle. This decompresses the tissue immediately below the skin.  It is believed that this has three main effects:

  • Fluid effect- improving blood and lymphatic flow in the taped area
  • Mechanical effect- improving the slide and glide between tissue layers
  • Neurological effect- altering the perception of pain and improving body awareness.

Key Benefits Of Using RockTape

  • Assists to decrease pain
  • Assists to reduce swelling and bruising
  • Provides functional support while allowing full range of movement
  • Hypoallergenic – no zinc oxide or latex
  • Water resistant – can be worn for up to 5 days

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