What is Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum

The Corpus callosum is the main network of nerve fibers that connects our left and right brain hemispheres.

My son Charlie was born without his corpus callosum, and I am a strong advocate for awareness of this rare condition.

My husband and I were informed at the routine 20 week scan. During the scan, we were not given any information about the impacts of this disorder, and it was also advised not to us investigative or research the disorder on the internet.

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If You Were Born Without Your Hands

Imagine if you only had ONE hand, would it affect the way you live your life?


If you didn’t have any hands how would you go about your daily tasks?

If you didn’t have feet it wouldn’t be as easy to get around…And

If you didn’t have any eyes how would that impact you?

Well the answer to these questions are of course is an individual thing, so therefore I can only answer for myself.

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Wearing Many Hats

Wearing many hats..

As I sit here with my morning coffee, I feel the love and warmth of my family.
I love a appreciate the beauty of my creations, and I slow down.
I soak up the rays of sunlight and the cool morning breeze… I’m feeling relaxed. …
I set my possibility for the day ahead and I read my daily affirmation.

My son wakes up, and I ask for a cuddle…. he says no!

So, I put aside the feeling and longing that my son will give me a warm cuddle without me asking him too, and I decide to steal a kiss and cuddle from him instead.
I tell him that I love him and he heads off to play.

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I Want to Create a Better World

I noticed her at the swimming pool with her son one afternoon, another mum just like me.

Her son with a disability, non-verbal and a neurological disorder, the details of which I am unsure, but I can see the struggle is real for this little family.

It is just mum and her son, dad is no longer in the picture. I have met them a few times, so therefore I know a little of their story. Parents of children with special needs have a bond with other parents, not through spoken words, but a deep knowing of the challenges we each face on a daily basis.

Our sons are both familiar with each other, from an earlier experience of participating in the early childhood development program a few years back, a program run for children with special needs.

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