COVID 19 clinic update

Hello to all,

*****************IMPORTANT INFORMATION********************************* 

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions imposed upon essential workers. Massage therapist are only permitted to offer remedial massage treatments for the management or prevention of a disease, injury or condition, with social distancing observed to the extent.

I have allowed 30 minutes between treatments for the purpose of distancing clients in the waiting area between appointments, and this allows me ample time for cleaning between each treatment.

Cleanliness is always paramount in my clinic.

Hygiene, infection-control, safety measures and extra practices at Time to Unwind will be put in place to make sure your visit is a stress free experience.

I regularly wash and sanitise my hands as per my usual massage practice.

Change all linen and towels between each client and clean the face rest before and after each client.

All contact surfaces including the treatment table and Hicaps machine are disinfected between every session.

I always use disposable gloves and alcohol wipes for dry needling treatments at all times, and the acupuncture needles I use are single use and disposed of safely.

These measures have been in place at Time to Unwind for many years, and have kept each client and myself safe through yearly flu seasons very well.

Being a sole trader, I have a low volume of people visiting my clinic at any one time, hence a low risk environment in this situation.

However, due to the uncertain nature of the COVID-19, I am also taking the following further precautions:

1. To help limit the spread of this virus, I ask that you don't come into the clinic if you have been in contact with an infected person or suspected infected person. 

2. If you have flu like symptoms, sniffles or a cold, please rest up at home and don't come into the clinic, massage is not enjoyable with a stuffy nose anyway. If you feel it's just hay fever, please discuss this with me before you book in.

3. Washing your hands is a practice we should all be doing anyway, however, please wash your hands before your massage treatment and afterwards, I have bathroom facilities or hand sanitiser at the reception desk, and I can assure you my hands are washed many times a day, before and after each client I treat.

I'll be keeping an eye on Queensland Health updates and I suggest you do the same. I'll let you know if anything changes.

I look forward to seeing you at Time to Unwind, Click on the BOOK NOW button above to book in for your remedial massage treatment session. 

Thank you

Maggie Nolan

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