I Want to Create a Better World

I noticed her at the swimming pool with her son one afternoon, another mum just like me.

Her son with a disability, non-verbal and a neurological disorder, the details of which I am unsure, but I can see the struggle is real for this little family.

It is just mum and her son, dad is no longer in the picture. I have met them a few times, so therefore I know a little of their story. Parents of children with special needs have a bond with other parents, not through spoken words, but a deep knowing of the challenges we each face on a daily basis.

Our sons are both familiar with each other, from an earlier experience of participating in the early childhood development program a few years back, a program run for children with special needs.

I see her every now and then when she brings her son for swimming lessons, I said hello and she shared with me that she had recently come out of hospital after suffering a stroke; she explained it was because she hadn’t received the support she needed for her son, which caused great stress in her life. She voiced her concern about not being able to get her point across and not being heard. Her concerns were not met and fell on deaf ears, a story I have heard so many times before and have experienced myself.

This experience is as a result of yet another failed government system, a system that she felt wasn’t fulfilling on the needs of her son, and as result, she suffered a stroke, a further impact on her and her son’s lives, which has now left her with a speech impairment.

The battle is real, the reality for some Australians to get the message of support across and an experience of a failing government system is real, I can relate on some levels with my own son and the challenges we faced. However, I feel fortunate in comparison to this mum and her son.

Have you ever felt hopeless in the face of power and authority? Or, have you ever felt you were not heard? were your concerns are not being met? Or did you feel so helpless to the point that it affected your own health?

As a mother I would do anything for my child, and when a mother feels powerless, it is the worst feeling, one of hopelessness, powerlessness and concern for the wellbeing of your child.

To fight or to flight… to stand your ground or to put it in the too hard basket, and “maybe that is what the system wants anyway” I hear parents say to me.

Well this story struck a chord with me, being a mother of a child with a disability, I felt it to my core, I saw it in this mothers face and I understood her pain. How can a government organisation that is meant to be there for their people, dismiss a mothers concerns? thus causing her to feel so powerless, she unfortunately suffered a stroke, impacting her speech and putting her in hospital.

This left me with a feeling anger and bitterness.

Why can’t we create a world that works for equality for all human beings?

Sadly the reality is, that as individuals, we sometimes have to fight for what we know is best for ourselves and as a community, we should stand together in support and compassion, even if it’s just a listening ear and a warm hug from a friend.

So what do we do to cause change?

In my profession as a remedial massage therapist, I have the experience of being the listening ear for many of my clients.

people may wish to talk to me about whatever they are experiencing, and I lend a comforting ear of understanding.

What I have noticed is when I am giving a listening and understanding ear to my clients, they will experience acknowledgement, love and understanding; they will feel that they are being heard, and it is that simple, we don’t need a lot as human beings, all we need is to be heard through acknowledgment, compassion and understanding .

So I decided to invite this mum and her son to meet up with my son for a play date at the park.

Our sons played, while we talked and related to each other. We shared experiences and supported each other, and most importantly we laughed about silly things, taking our minds off our worries just for a little while.

Laughter truly is the best medicine!

It’s the smallest things that can make a big difference in someone’s lives. I know there’s gems of wonderful angels in our world, taking the stand for others, I know that community support on a big scale is wonderful, as well as support on a small scale..

I want to create a world where people can have the insight that support can be given in many different ways. On a large scale or small simple little ways.

To support someone could be as simple as a phone call away, reaching out to someone in need, asking the question “Are you ok?” and doing a good deed for someone.

I invite you to create a world where you are not just the author of your own lives, but also by bringing your wonderful and capable humanness of giving into creating a supportive life for the community of people around you.

Giving is unconditional; giving is pure love, an intention for the betterment of all mankind, the key to creating a better world.

with love and compassion

Maggie Nolan

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