Massage therapy for self-care

Massage therapy is amazing for self-care on all levels.

1. Massage on a physical level..

Tightness, tension, trigger points, limited range of movement in the body,
Bursitis, arthritis, hip pain, knee pain, elbow, shoulder or neck pain, upper, mid and lower back pain, headaches, migraines, sinus, jaw pain, arm pain, hands, sports injuries, feet, ankle pain, shin splints.. etc.. ??

2. Massage can help for emotional support. Our physical bodies hold our emotional pain.. Massage therapy can help to release emotional stress.

3. Massage on a social level, friends and family who are my clients too.. I know you're just in for a good chinwag, while having a massage! ??

4. Spiritual level..

As a reiki master, I always give reiki throughout each treatment, the deep spiritual relaxation of massage and reiki is such an amazing way to give to yourself. ??

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