Running my small business


With the challenges of running a small business comes the rewards of fulfilling on a dream..

So, when you shop with small business, you are not only supporting a dream, you are supporting Innovation, opportunity, families, the economy and giving back..

For myself, running my small business and being a mum of three has been challenging for me over the years..

I won't lie, I haven't always loved the paperwork side of things.

It can also be a challenge to juggle bookings from all different sources..

E.g.. Facebook, messenger, emails, text messages, natural therapy pages, my website, voice messages etc...

I always make sure I get back to everyone and be consistent and present with each person, making sure I give each person the time they need and answer any questions they may have in regards to their enquiry, and all while juggling my time with the family and their needs..

I follow up with clients after their appointments to see how they are feeling and I offer each client the opportunity to contact me if they have any questions..

It's all just part of running a business..

There is so many things we don't see as the general public that small business owners have to create behind the scenes to make their businesses work..
All while creating the right environment for their customers..

I do love being a small business owner,
And seeing the results in my clients.
My work is highly rewarding, and I also have the opportunity to work my own hours which allows me to be there for my children..

When we support our small business, we support a dream..

With love..

Maggie Nolan

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