The source of grounding


A few weeks ago, I decided to distance myself from all social media, I buried myself within, enjoying the solitude and company of my family.

It freed up so much time for me to gain more clarity and perspective.

You see, anxiety creeps in at the most unexpected times, I put on the brave face, like everyone else, and I continued to serve my community.

But sometimes, it's all too much!

I'm like a sponge for energetic frequencies, and when I'm out of balance, it's vital that I realign.

My business was my saviour, a reminder I could still give to others and switch off my own mental madness.

Anxiety to me is my mind and thoughts clashing with my body, disrupting my frequencies and pulling me away from the source of grounding.
A feeling I remember as a child, fight, flight or freeze..
My default was always freeze..
Bringing my experience of my past and living it into the future!

In this current climate, the hard facts of life are getting us down. I see it in my clinic on a daily basis and feel it in the community.

But what if today we were just grateful for the things we have right in front of us, the things we experience, the joy we feel, the simple things.

Distancing ourselves from the mess and chaos of life, not ignoring the truths, just simply freeing ourselves from what is unwanted or not needed.

To open up a clearer view.

Today as I sit enjoying a coffee before I start my day in my clinic.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have a place where my clients can experience a sense of calm, de-stress the body and free the mind of clutter.

This brings me goundedness, connecting me to the reason I started as a therapist 27 years ago.

Today, I remind you to bring yourself back to the source, the vast reservoir of energy available to you, and tap into you inner silence, grounding and centering.

Whatever that is for you, sitting still and admiring the beauty around you.

It's ready and waiting for you.

Maggie Nolan.

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