Wearing Many Hats

Wearing many hats..

As I sit here with my morning coffee, I feel the love and warmth of my family.
I love a appreciate the beauty of my creations, and I slow down.
I soak up the rays of sunlight and the cool morning breeze… I’m feeling relaxed. …
I set my possibility for the day ahead and I read my daily affirmation.

My son wakes up, and I ask for a cuddle…. he says no!

So, I put aside the feeling and longing that my son will give me a warm cuddle without me asking him too, and I decide to steal a kiss and cuddle from him instead.
I tell him that I love him and he heads off to play.

I’m pushed for time in the morning, rushing to get myself and the children ready for the day, heading off to work my own business, my passion, and yet I am torn by the feeling of spending more time with my family…

the experience of wearing many hats..

I wear my mum hat, my business hat, my therapist hat, my relationship hat, my family and friend hat, my daughter hat, my health and fitness hat, my new role as the Australian disorders of the corpus callosum state meet-ups coordinator hat…
and finally, my being true to me hat…

I leave the house, as I feel part of myself still at home with my family, the other part needs to be 100% present and connected with each of my clients for the day…

Then, I step into my clinic, I light my candle, place the music on low, the essential oils in my diffuser and I sit, I take a few deep breaths as I leave my mum hat at the door and put my therapist hat on.

Magic happens!

with my hands and mind instantly focused on the day ahead…

My first client comes in for their treatment, and in a matter of 5 mins, I have whipped up a treatment plan…
an ability I have gained due to many years of experience, expertise, knowledge and intuition.

The treatment session begins and for the time I am in my treatment room, I step into the realm of healing, the realm of possibilities, the world of care and nurture, to take away the stress, strain, soreness, fatigue and overwhelm of my client.

I am a healer, I give my energy, my wholeness and I am present with my clients.
I make a difference in the world of my clients and they make a difference in my world as a remedial massage therapist, and for this I am grateful.

My day ends, I take my remedial massage therapist hat off.
I then leave to pick up my son from school, but before I do, I put my mum hat back on.

As I drive to the school, a feeling of completeness is with me, I have the experience of feeling whole and complete with the care I have given my clients for the day, because I know I have given it 100%

I see my son, he gives me a cuddle, this time without me asking him too.


I feel complete again

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