What is Reiki

“Rei” means Universal life; it is all-knowing spiritual consciousness

“Ki” is also known as light, Prana, Chi, Cosmic Energy, Universal Energy.

Reiki is Universal life-giving energy and can be used for all purposes, conditions and situations. it can be used at any time and at any place. Reiki is accessed by the practitioner during a treatment. It enhances the body’s natural healing ability and promotes well- being.

When having Reiki, I will ask you to lay comfortably, take a few deep breaths and I will then place my hands on different location points. You will feel a warmth coming from my hands and a sense of relaxation.

If you feel you would like Reiki, please don’t hesitate to ask me before your massage treatment.


You may wish to have Reiki on its own or after a massage treatment:

Reiki on its own

Service Price
30 Minute Reiki $60
60 Minute Reiki $95

Reiki as part of a Massage Treatment

Service Price
90 Minute Combined Reiki + Massage* $135

* To book this sessions, a 90 minute time slot will need to be available. Please Contact Maggie to book a time

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are the perfect gift idea!

When you purchase a gift voucher for that special someone, you will receive an email with your receipt of payment attached. When your payment is complete, I will email the voucher to you.

Please be sure to include in the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION BOX on the check out page, the recipient’s name, and the name or names of who the voucher will be from.

Please note: allow up to 7 days to receive the emailed voucher.

if you come into any issues and do not receive your voucher or you would like it sooner, please contact Maggie on 0421 991 397 or leave a text message if I am not available at the time, will then get back to you A.S.A.P.

Gift vouchers are valid for the $ amount and are not limited to a specific service. The vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase, however, I can extend them if need be. If you can not use the voucher for any reason, no worries, you may transfer it to another person. Simply let me know when you make your booking.

Thank you

Maggie Nolan

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