Relaxation Massage

Relax with Massage 

Imagine yourself in a beautifully welcoming room, face down on a soft and comfortable massage table after a long and busy week. The smell of the room is delicate and humbling, the sounds of the music empowering you to sink into the massage table and relax. You know you are in good hands when the therapist allows you to be yourself, speak what’s on your your mind and destress from the day as they instruct you to breath. Through each breath your body begins to relax more and more, warming up to the comforting touch of the therapist as they go through a sequence that suits you and your needs perfectly.

Relaxation massage benefits the mind, body and soul. It helps promote blood flow, calm the nervous system, ease the mind and heal the soul. It allows that one on one time with yourself where you can focus on releasing all the tension and stress that builds up in the body. Some may experience a release of emotion that has been trapped within the body and some may experience a sensation of revitalisation, where they feel reenergised and restored. Massage is one of the most powerful tools of healing that you could ever receive. It requires empathic wisdom, knowledge and great skill and it can be vital to holistic healing.

We live in a world where we are sometimes so busy that we forget to look after ourselves and take that hour or so out of our day to allow our bodies to relax and reset.

My name is Ella Nolan and I welcome you to time to unwind.


$40 for 30mins 

$70 for 60mins 

$100 for 90mins 

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