Mother's Day Special with Ella Nolan

This special includes: 

60mins Hot-stone and Relaxation massage - $75

90mins Hot-stone, Relaxation and Reiki - $95

Relaxation massage with Ella focuses on using the breath along with suitable pressure, movement of joints and light stretching of fascia to release tightness and pain throughout the body. Hot-stones are used along with relaxation massage to warm up tight and painful areas, allowing the pain to ease and tightness to melt away. Reiki is a healing energy that can help to restore balance within the body and within your everyday life, release emotional blockages, bring mental clarity and calmness and uplift you in a positive way bringing you more confidence and self-love.

My mum and I Maggie Nolan (Owner of Time to Unwind)

I love you mum <3

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