Reiki with Ella

Reiki - The universal life-giving energy 

Reiki is the simplest natural healing method, it requires no faith or belief and is successfully used by many different people of many different religions, philosophies and ages. We are all born with this Universal energy, but due to the circumstances of life we can become less open to it, resulting in the natural flow of energy being less pure and available. 

Reiki is transmitted by the hands of the instrument; which is the practitioner. The practitioner is not the healer, but an instrument in which this energy transmits through into the person to allow the person to harmonise and heal themself. As the instrument transmits the energy they to are being harmonised at the same time, receiving the treatment as well.

Reiki energy helps balance and restore the body, where there is imbalance, there is potential for illness, but in a balanced state we have the potential for self-healing. Reiki is given from the heart and is often experienced as receiving unconditional love, which has the potential to bring us back to a state of peace and harmony. 

The more you use or receive Reiki, the more harmonised you become, the more balanced you are, the better the energy will be. 



$55 for 30mins 

$85 for 60mins


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